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SQL Server Command Line utilities

This section demonstrates some useful command line utilities that come with SQL Server that enable powerful queries, statistics and commands to be run without using Enterprise manager or SSMS.



Useful articles that can help solve SQL Server problems.


Writing Stored Procedures

Stored Procedures have the benefits of centralising your SQL code, providing protection from SQL Injection attacks, having pre-compiled execution plans and much more. Find out how to write Stored Procedures in this section.
  • SQL Script to automatically generate CRUD Stored Procedures

    Speed up development by automatically generating common stored procedure definitions. The script provided in this article autogenerates Stored Procedure definitions for SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE queries.

  • Why use Stored Procedures?

    Using Stored Procedures gives us many benefits. In this article we will outline why we should be aiming to use Stored Procedures to enable our web and windows applications to interact with our SQL Server database.

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